How to pay your mortgage faster?

One of the biggest stresses out there is not knowing exactly what you owe, what you have, or what things truly cost. You need to get your brain around your debt, no matter how painful it is. Only then can you start working on a game plan to get back on target.

Step 1

Talk It Out and Set Goals

Step 2

Understand your Family’s Budget Needs

Step 3

Use Money Tracking Tools

Step 4

Get Organized and Automate What You Can

Step 5

Create a Money System

Step 6

Take Charge of Your Credit

Step 7

Find Ways to Tighten the Belt Painlessly

Step 8

Start Saving

Step 9

Get Insured

Step 10

Put it in Writing

Step 11

Take Care of Your Future

Step 12

Save for the Kids

Mortgage Planner

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