Mortgage planning is not about home loans and mortgages, but rather about you and providing strategies to help better manage the single largest financial obligation most families encounter.
A Mortgage Planner is a specially trained professional mortgage broker with a broad understanding of Finance to assist clients better plan and manage their personal finances to achieve their lifestyle goals.
Mortgage Planning is a new mortgage industry standard to distinguish and recognise mortgage professionals for the additional services they provide their clients.
Mortgage Planners also support a 'Responsible Lending Code of Ethics' that stresses the importance of being ethical, professional and responsible in all the services and activities they provide their clients and other members of the mortgage industry.
Mortgage Planners have an interest not only in providing clients with a suitable mortgage, but more importantly the Mortgage Planner focuses on the client, their plans for the future and how the mortgage will impact on their life. The Mortgage Planner will work with the client to manage this large financial obligation with the objective of helping them to pay down this loan as quickly as possible.
Mortgage planning is about considering your future plans, which may include the purchase of a new car, an overseas trip, acquiring additional assets that may involve property or shares. To achieve these goals it is essential you have a plan, so with this in mind Fast Repay Home Loan Mortgage Planners have developed a plan that will assist you in achieving these goals.

Do you realize that your mortgage has a performance record?

It is either contributing or detracting you from your goals. It is either accelerating or reducing the speed at which you reach your financial targets.
Why is it that most people see their mortgage as a financial obligation rather than an instrument?

One of the main reasons is that the Mortgage Industry has locked the proper tools and training to give in the information you need.

Your Personalised Mortgage Plan can have a powerful impact on your overall financial picture. Clients who secure the service of a Mortgage Planning Professional are uniquely empowered to make solid decisions.