22 Dec 2002

Your Guide to Love Languages: Mortgage Edition

Do you speak any love language? Did you know that there are love languages that help you pick the right house? Get familiar with the 5 love languages that will guide you through the tough decision of picking a house that suits your and your family’s wants and needs.

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When you’re in house-buying mode, you’re often overwhelmed with options. With all these potential properties on the table, how do you know if a house is “the one”? Understanding the Five Love Languages helps you decide if the home you’re considering is the right home for you. Read on to find out how.

Learn the 5 love languages when buying a house

Words of Affirmation â€” What are the words you and your family use to describe the house? Do you worry about how small the bathroom is or have a great idea for how to use that spare bedroom? Of course, no house will check off all the boxes; but be attentive to how you speak about the house and this will help you in making your decision.

Quality Time â€” Houses serve different purposes for different people. Can you visualize yourself not just living in this space, but choosing to spend time in it? Can you imagine your family gathered within its walls for the holidays? Take this into account

Receiving Gifts â€”Think about the kinds of gifts you would like to receive and if the house you are looking into buying can accommodate them. Do you love flowers? Perhaps the right house for you has a garden lot ready for you to plant. Are you a collector of fine wines or an amateur beer brewer? Look for a house with a built-in bar or wine storage that appeals to you. You can find the essence of the things you enjoy receiving in a house that’s a good fit for you.

Acts of Service — Many families value giving back to their communities and to others. If this is a virtue that you and your family hold dear, then taking into account the community is crucial while evaluating whether or not a property is a good fit. Think about how you most like to perform acts of service and see if your potential new home provides opportunities for you to do so.

Physical Touch â€”How does the house engage your senses? When you walk through the front door, does it feel welcoming or uncomfortable? Do you find the color choices calming or chaotic? Does the space feel open or crammed? Is the carpeting soft under your feet? The ideal home for you should appeal to all of your senses.

Make the house you buy a home

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Now that you’ve taken a crash course in the 5 love languages – the mortgage edition, you can look at house-hunting from a different perspective. Jot down on paper a pros-and-cons list, including input from all parties who have a voice in the matter, and let that list help you evaluate the house in question.

You may not find all the things you love in a single prospective home. There are many variables at play when you’re about to make this decision. There may be financial limitations, geo-location issues with school and work or the highway, or a number of other variables that are perhaps outside of your control. To the extent you can, let what you love inform your decision. Be sure to make the house that you buy a home for your family, memories and twilight years.

Disclaimer: Information included in this post is of general nature, it has been prepared without taking into account your specific situation. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice, or any other advice. You should not make any decision, financial or otherwise, based on any of the information presented here without undertaking independent due diligence and consultation with a professional accountant or financial adviser.

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