21 Jun 2003

Women To Inspire: Kathryn Reitter

We’d like to take the opportunity in this women’s day to congratulate all our women employees and clients for their success. Women’s International Month is an opportunity for us to acknowledge significant businesswomen. We are featuring Kathryn Reitter, a successful yet humble conveyancer, in an inspiring interview about her career choices, and advice to working women.

Here at Fast Repay Home Loan, Create & Protect Financial Planning and Cap Taxation, we are passionate about supporting influential businesswomen. We aim to ensure leading women reach their goals and full potential and we’re eager to support businesswomen like Kathryn and are honored to share her success story.

Read the full interview to know more about Kathryn’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey

Q: What are some milestones you achieved in your business life?

A: The first one was obtaining my Diploma in Conveyancing, then the opening of our business in 2018, and being able to build it from scratch to the point where we have just hired our third staff member to become an office of 5.

Q: How did dealing with our company help you/your business?

A: We spoke with Abdul about our options, do we buy a business or start-up? He gave us sound advice and the confidence to go ahead and start up our own business. Abdul has been very supportive all the way through.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are starting their business careers?

A: You have to give it a go, otherwise, you will never know if you can do it. Chances are you will succeed. We are mums to 3 school-aged children each and are still able to run and grow our business. It’s all about time management and having a supportive family.

Q: What is a women's empowerment moment that inspired you?

A: Working in a predominantly female industry, we meet and engage with many women business owners whom we could say somewhat inspired us.


Just like Kathryn, dream big, have a plan and build your way to the top. We wish Kathryn all the best in her journey as we know how high she wants to fly.

Your success is what matters. Contact us to find out how can we assist and help you achieve your business, lifestyle and financial goals. 

Happy Women’s International Month!

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