21 Feb 2007

Property investment for beginners

Real estate is beyond easy to overspend on. This unfortunately drives most newbie investors down a path filled with risks and possible failures. As a young investor, there are a lot of mistakes you can make, and not just in terms of choosing the right investment but losing it, as well.  Improper investing in Australian properties can be a fatal move and actually cost you tons of money and years of hard work getting back to where you were.

To avoid the rookie way to investing in Australian properties, here are the most common mistakes to avoid:

1.  Heart over head

When shopping for Australian real estate, many investors might make decisions based on their emotions. This is the most common mistake amongst property investors, as it is not based on proper research or evaluation, but on pure instinct.
That said, when considering investing in properties, avoid giving in to your personal preferences and instead, aim for more conscious and informed investing.

Whether you are shopping for a home or a property to rent, there are always a few things to consider in choosing the perfect place. Location, local demographics, and capital gains are some of the essentials to keep your eyes open for. Sure, you can be head over heels with a certain property but fanciness alone won’t make it a worthwhile nor wise investment.

2.  Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

It may be a sombre saying, but it is one-hundred percent true. Property investors seek to build a property portfolio to enable them more investment options and lots of financial freedom down the line. The majority of successful investors have their goals set, their strategy on point and their plan ready to go. Without planning what you’ll invest in, chances are, your investments will not be as worthy. However, with your ducks in a row and a modus operandi in place, you will always know your next move and be one step ahead of your competitors. Long story short, if you want to do great in investing, get planning first.

3.  All or Halfway In?

Many new investors tend to fail since they are either too cautious or too impulsive. Attending one seminar or watching a bunch of property podcasts never made anyone an expert investor, so you’ll need to do better and grow bigger. First thing’s first, never go halfway with your investments. In this market, you are either all in or you are not doing a good enough job. On the other hand, you don’t want to be overconfident and drive yourself to a financial rut, so find a comfortable middle and start from there. In the world of investing, there is always the next great hack to learn, so keeping your eyes and ears open for nuances will keep your investing game sharp.

4.  Rushing over Patience

There are no easy wins in any line business, and property investments are no different. As it takes years to become an overnight success, patience is the key to your investing success. Most investors think that they can become millionaires in a few simple moves but that is not how the market works. When investing in property, no miscalculation should slip through your fingers, and perfecting your game takes time. Quick fixes are a bust, as are assumptions, so the best thing you can do is brace yourself for oscillations and adjustments before you make it big.

5.  Not Doing Your Due Diligence

Newbies or pros, it takes some time for all investors to understand the property market. The nature of real estate is more complex than just reading a few books or watching hundreds of podcasts. Therefore, instead of leaving everything to chance and semi-information, do your homework and keep up with the latest trends and changes on the market.  Learning the fundamentals of the property market might require developing a more detailed investing strategy, and it all begins with research.

6.   Aiming for the wrong property

The biggest blunder in the world of investment is having an eye on the wrong property. We can certainly say that only 2% of the 10 million properties in Australia are worth the purchase. So, the most important things to consider when shopping for homes to invest in is property location and investment eligibility. Taking your time to choose a suitable property to invest in will be heaven-sent for your business down the line.

7.  Inapt cash flow management

It is no news that some investors are not the best at managing their cash flow.  Being a beginner on the market can lead you to mismanage your finances and possibly cause an even bigger capital issue. Instead of second-guessing how to spend your investment budget, look into expenses that follow with each property you want to purchase. Hidden fees, payment deadlines and additional expenses - ensure you always have all information and financial costs in order before investing on a whim.

8.  Financing faux pas

Property investment is a game of finances and making the right calls. Walking alone in the world of investment can be daunting, so consider hiring a suitable broker to guide you through the investment process. Otherwise, flying solo will often leave you at a crossroad of decisions, and yes, there is the risk of making the wrong one.

9.  Being less than meticulous

Have you ever thought about why a vendor is selling a property? Yes, the property might sound like an investor’s dream come true, but not knowing your vendor can be critical for business. Vendors might sometimes try to sell a property just for the sake of selling it, and if you are inexperienced, this might lead to you buying flawed real estate. Therefore, don’t forget to cover all angles of the business and do a suitable home inspection as well as vendor evaluation.

10.  Saving by self-managing

When beginner investors find the perfect property to invest in, they all want to manage it all by themselves. However, taking care of a single property is one thing but taking care of several properties simultaneously is not a one-person job. Even though many new investors see this as a money-saving mechanism, the truth is, your business will crack at some point, so it’s better to have the right alleys working by your side. 

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