19 Jul 2003

4 Reasons Why You Should Refinance Your Home Loan

There are a number of reasons why refinancing your home loan can make good financial sense. If market conditions or your own financial circumstances have changed since you took out your home loan, it’s an option you should consider. Here are our top four reasons why refinancing your home loan can be a good option.

1. You can potentially cut years of your home loan repayments

If you refinance to a loan with better terms, conditions and features, you can potentially own your home sooner. You can do this by: Both of these strategies will help you to pay off your loan faster.

2. You can consolidate your high-interest debts

Home loans are a much cheaper form of finance than credit cards or personal loans. In other words, the interest rate you’re charged on your home loan debt is lower. Consolidating your high-interest debts into your home loan could be a good strategy for you if each of the following statements describes your current situation. Consolidating in these circumstances allows you to take advantage of your home loan’s lower interest rate for all your debts. It can also make your repayments easier to manage because you’ll only need to make one single repayment for all your debt, instead of juggling multiple repayments. If you’re disciplined with your future home loan repayments, you’ll improve your credit rating and you could save yourself a substantial amount of interest in the long run.

3. It can allow you to unlock the equity you have in your home (get cash out)

If you’ve built up equity in your home over time, refinancing can help you to get access to those funds. For example, to finance a renovation or to use as a deposit for an investment property. Refinancing to invest in capital growth and/or income-producing assets is an example of good debt because it helps you to build your long-term wealth.

4. It can help you to avoid defaulting on your repayments

Finally, if you’re struggling to make your home loan repayments, refinancing can help you to lower your monthly repayments so they’re more affordable. There are two main ways to do this: 1) refinance to a loan with a lower interest rate. 2) extend your loan term. It’s important to understand that lowering your monthly repayments will extend the time it will take to pay off your home loan. But that’s likely to be a better option than falling behind in your repayments or defaulting on them and having your home repossessed by your lender.

How we can help

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